Friday, June 10, 2011

the best things happen when you least expect them

i guess that holds some truth at times.  around this time last year my body was just starting to show some signs of being pushed too far, i was ending or trying to end my relationship of 2 years with someone, who i finally realized, was never going to better himself or our life, and i was realizing that most men (and women) were awful and being single was much more appealing than being in a relationship.

when i first met my currently boyfriend it was the last week of september of last year and i had absolutely no visions or dreams or desires of being in a relationship with him.  at first due to my last 2 relationships draining me so much, i looked for every reason i could find to NOT be with him.  I quickly realized that every time I would go out with him, there was no pressure or anxieties and he made me completely happy.  I laughed when I was with him as much as I laugh on a good night out with my best friend of 12 years.  That was the moment (around halloween) where I had finally decided i'd just accept it and see where it took me.

I rarely gush or talk constantly and annoyingly about my significant other.  First, as I said, it's annoying and Secondly, I've noticed that people who usually talk too much are trying to hide the truth.  I guess I finally don't really have any 'dark' truths to hide or be embarrassed about within my relationship.  For once, I have a decent, relatively healthy, normal, boring life, and I love it and wouldn't want it any other way.

The best thing is his love for my dogs.  The fact that he has over-run my home with felines speaks volumes for the fact that he's a 'cat person' through and through, yet every time we are out he purchases food or treats for the dogs.  He dreams about getting a car and taking Hoss to a petstore to "just hang out".  He completely 'gets' this dog thing and feels as strongly about it as I do.  I'm finally with someone who sees them for everything they're worth, and that in turn makes him the most worth-while person out there for me to be with.

He and I both leave some things to be desired to many people.  We have rough edges and have been through a lot of crap, some more than others, or different kinds of crap.  But at the end of the day I have found someone who would die for me, and probably for my dogs also.  In my opinion, there are many things that can be romantic, many things I like in romance, but I can't think of a more romantic statement than that.

So, here's my 'relationship' blog.  He's annoying and stinky and anxiety ridden at times, but I am blessed to have him here to care for me and about me and the dogs.  Imperfections we both have aside, I think it's safe to say that we both look forward to a few more years. at least, together.