Thursday, September 2, 2010

the journey is what matters

my last blog was a little depressing with some shards of light thrown in for good measure.

my satellite tv provider has given me the extra stations not included in my lowest package.  I dont know when it started or for how long, but i've been resting a little and taking full advantage of it all day.  I finally got to watch "the fabulous beekman boys", its a show on the planet green station which i've wanted to see since learning of it.  It makes me long for a farm of my own though.  It's in upstate new york, which is also where I have always wanted a farm.  The last episode I saw was Thanksgiving.  The colors and scenery was simply magical to say the least.  They even raised and then slaughtered their own turkey.  I would not do that, but the fact that they're in touch with what theyre eating, raising, and giving these animals good lives before eating them for thanksgiving is great.  After they butchered their 2 pigs (all of their animals are named btw), they cried a little and said they now know the true price of that dollar cheeseburger you get at the fast food place.  except those cows arent raised nearly as nicely as those pigs were.

They have a llama also (i think) and her name is polka spots.  i feel bad for her though because they have a crapload of goats who wont let polka spots eat.  haha.  watching the goats play and do goat-like things gives me a kick too.  i'd like to visit their farm sometime.  they also make their own cheese and such.  it really is fabulous and looks like utopia.

for as depressing as life can get at times, theres so much beauty and so much to be thankful for.  i was a bit down this AM and Macy marched over to lick my hands.  I woke up sore and cranky and Hoss was mugging at me with that Boxer look.  I let the dogs out and watched Dinah and Hawk play.  These small things given to me by my animals each day really make up for all the crap-tastic stuff I have going on.  The decent, pretty awesome people who I have around helps a bit too.  There's always something to look forward to and stay positive about.  Dont count the positives and negatives.  This is not a check list.  This is life.  In life even if the negatives are greater at a point in time, as long as there are still joys and positive occurrences, thats all the reason you need to continue on.

Its really easy to be negative.  often times i come on here and ready up a rant or a bitch fest, even once i had one all typed up nicely...but I stop.  The world needs a wake up call, and people need reminding of goodness in life, but i'm not going to stress myself out and get carpal tunnel typing that 6 page long bitchery up.

Good day.

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