Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern....

Just because somewhere along the way in life, you got the crazy notion that animals were disposable, does NOT mean that we, as a rescue, are responsible for cleaning up your mess.  It does not mean that you can harass us, spam us, stalk us, and then publically slander us with false-hoods when we do not work as quickly as you would like, or when we are not able to help you at all.

You chose to breed your pet quality dog, not us.  You chose to buy a dog from an unethical breeder and get a puppy who turned into a dog with a slew of health and temperment issues.  You chose to bring home a puppy and never train it or do a damn thing with it.  You chose to acquire an animal (of any species) which you knew absolutely nothing about.  You chose to do all or one of these things....not us.

Yet we, as rescuers take in these 'problems' and ask very little or nothing from you in return.  All so you can go out and do it all over again.  Ruin yet another animal's life, and move onto burdening another rescue of your choosing.  Yet we 'somehow' managed to turn this 'throw away' animal of yours into a splendid, adoptable, well mannered family pet.  We aren't magic workers, we do not have super powers, it's just called time, money, dedication, and education.  Go and get some.

We don't do anything extra-ordinary, special, or outstanding to re-home your animals.  In fact, in some cases, we do very little.  All it takes is some patience, a little basic obedience, and an educated adopter, or one who is willing to learn.  Something that was clearly too much of a sacrifice to ask of you.

When you bring an animal, any animal, into your life and your home, they all have different needs, wants, and requirements.  It is up to you to study all of that ahead of time, or learn along the way.  Not us.  It is up to you to put YOUR time, effort, money, and knowledge into this animal.  Not us.  Yet we are still somehow, the ones who end up with your animals, your 'lifetime commitments', and we are the ones who 'magically' turn them into adoptable animals.  Bullshit.  You are lazy, selfish, unprepared, and narrow-minded.  We are the giving, selfless, educated, hard-working, open-minded ones who always save the day.

This is to all of the rescuer's out there, in this world.  Who day in and day out are reminded of other people's mistakes.  Are reminded of other people's laziness.  Are reminded of other people's selfish attitude.  This is to all of us, who will always step up to the plate and take over and give of ourselves without wanting anything in return except seeing that animal healthy, happy, and in a forever home for the rest of their lives.  This is to you, me, us, all of you.

From one to another, I am letting you know, your job is appreciated.  We all know we cannot and will not be able to save them all.  We are reminded of it day in and day out by people who do not 'get it'.  But we know it isn't about saving them all.  It is about saving One at a time.  To that ONE animal, we are saving their life.  To that ONE animal, we are making a difference.  To that ONE animal, we are nurturing them into that amazing adoptable animal with manners and abilities that their former 'owner' or 'breeder' never saw or cared to nurture in them.

To that ONE animal, we have made a world of difference.

We cannot rid the world of these selfish, ignorant, lazy animal owners.  But we can try to educate them, steer them in the right direction, or, unfortunately as is mostly the case, clean up their messes successfully.

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