Wednesday, January 19, 2011


sometimes you push so much and try so hard for things that will never happen or will never change.  you see yourself getting nowhere, yet still continue to hope.  is that really hope or is it just being an idiot?  i'll go with idiot.  i'll also have that written across my forehead, please.

Some days the lines between positive and negative and hope and hopeless blur until you can't see the difference or when one stops and the other starts.

"happy endings are only in movies, and love songs are only on the radio"  is a quote that plays over and over in my head often.  It has nothing to do with love to me, but everything to do with life.  It also isn't about a negative outlook to me, instead it's about not wishing for things that will never happen in real life.  In 'real life' there are many other circumstances that play on how we interact and how we deal with things.  The challenge lies in having someone prove that quote wrong when dealing with life in general.

I'll remain hopefull while still maintaining some form of jaded realism i guess.  Life is easiest when you wish for the best, but always know the worst is a possibility.

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